Our Partners



Our friends at Tiger & Stripe Coffee Company consulted us on our very own coffee roasting program and worked with us to develop the many blends and single-origin coffee’s on our bar and retail shelves. You’ll frequently find many of their own great roasts on our drip coffee bar and retail shelves year long.


Rishi Tea & Botanicals

After testing out many great tea products, we choose to partner with Rishi Tea & Botanicals to offer our customers the highest quality tea’s, matcha, and other specialty beverages available anywhere in the USA. Our tea’s are USDA Certified Organic and Fair-Trade certified. Be sure to check out their new line of sparking tea’s, Sparking Botanicals available at our downtown North Bend cafe.


Endicott Coffee based out of Tacoma, WA provides us with exceptional white coffee that we’ve added to our menu. You might also find some of their regular coffee blends available on our drip coffee bar from time to time and on the retail shelves. Unlike many traditional “drum coffee roasters”, Endicott is one of the few remaining coffee roasters to use a Sivetz Air Roaster, creating an extra smooth and well-balanced cup each time.