About Us

Huxdotter Coffee was established in 1990 under the name “Cascade Espresso” as a small espresso cart located outside of what is now Ace Hardware. Shortly after, the business moved across the street to the original drive-thru and walk-up location where our newly constructed flagship cafe is located. The name “Huxdotter Specialty Coffee” was adopted when the original owner began roasting coffee for the drive-thru and other wholesale accounts in the area. The meaning of the word Huxdotter derives from Swedish culture. When a woman married, she took her husbands name, always ending in “son”, hence names like Stevenson or Anderson. An unmarried woman would take her fathers last name would add “dotter” at the end, hence the name Huxdotter which essentially means “daughter of Hux”.

Our Coffee


We are proud to be partnered with Counter Culture Coffee as our primary coffee roaster. Working with Counter Culture means our coffee is always sustainably sourced, many of their coffees are certified organic, and the coffee is always consistent even through seasonal changes that occur through the year. Each Huxdotter barista goes through several training courses with one of Counter Cultures SCA Certified Baristas at their Seattle training lab as well as several shifts alongside our in-house barista trainer. Additionally, we feature a few additional coffees throughout the year on our retail shelves and on our drip bar. We currently feature Counter Culture Big Trouble as Espresso and Forty-Six (USDA Certified Organic) as our house brewed coffee and cold brew.